Do you belong in Apt 40?

On the University of Illinois' Campus, one apartment upholds the culture and life like none other: Apartment 40. Do you live there? Hang out there a lot? Wish you did? Take this quiz and find out.

Do you belong in Apartment 40? You will soon find out if by your magnetic lifeforce, you belong in that apartment. If you knew there was something drawing you to this place of wonder, why did you not act sooner? Find out now.

Created by: Abigail
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  1. What was the Red Light District Like?
  2. How many rooms are there in Apt 40?
  3. Who is home the most in Apt 40?
  4. When does Justin come to visit?
  5. When was the last time Bre came out?
  6. How often do the dishes get washed?
  7. What is your best choice for a Thursday night activity?
  8. Where is Abby's closet?
  9. What was broken at our party?
  10. What is Laura's favorite brand?
  11. What sport does Amanda participate in?
  12. Who is Anne's boyfriend?
  13. How many times per week does Bre eat out?
  14. Who is a vegetarian?
  15. What movie does Amanda worship?
  16. Who lives on the first level?
  17. Who painted the pictures by the downstairs bathroom?
  18. What is Apt 40's Address?

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Quiz topic: Do I belong in Apt 40?