What's Your MLP Cutie Mark?

So you think your a My Little Pony fan Aye? Well your in luck! I have the best cutie mark I bet! Even if your not a fan I would still like you but I may murder you in your sleep child.

For 200 Years I've been trapped in a mirror under Celeste and Luna's orders once discord was trapped I was released now I'm a child of the night. Welp you believed me for 5 seconds.

Created by: Silver_MLP

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favorite Activity?
  2. Who relates most to you in the Mane Six?
  3. What is your Flaw? * If you have one *
  4. What colors out of these is most cool to you?
  5. Answer this question. Do you like Pizza Lauren Faust: WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT?
  6. Which song from the series lauren Faust: Once again, WHY THIS QUESTION! I don't want people being Cartoon Racist?
  7. What personallity do you have? Twilight Sparkle: Why was I summoned into the dream world oh to find Mrs. Trump over here!
  8. Which villain is better? Discord: WOW!!! ITS SO ME! Well shouldn't we ask them? Discord: of course not Silver Dev!
  9. What do you look for in a OC? " Your own pony you made yourself with its own certain story"
  10. Goodbye Discord: Good Day Little Filly's! Lauren Faust:Buy MLP Merch! Twilight: Bye Fillies!

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Quiz topic: What's my MLP Cutie Mark?