What's your Gun IQ?

One of the things that makes this country great is the thought of an honest, hard working American with his .308 Winchester Rifle at his side. This test will see if you are a true gun fanatic, moderate hobbyist, basic beginner or, worst of all, a poser.

Which are you? Put your money where your mouth is and put your firearms knowledge to the test. Ten simple questions is all it takes to see if you are someone Chuck Norris would look up to, our a poser who'd he roundhousekick to the Ukraine. Happy Hunting!

Created by: HanSolo69

  1. Which is the most successful bolt-action series ever?
  2. Which is the larger round?
  3. Which one of these weapons is NOT of Israeli design?
  4. Which of the following was the standard issue sidearm of American GIs from WW1 to Vietnam AND has some of it's descendants being used by Spec Ops troops today?
  5. Which one of these weapons is NOT a submachine gun?
  6. What rifle series would the German .22LR Apler-Jager AP74 fall into?
  7. True or false; The .223 Remington is the civilian version of the military-issue 5.56 NATO round
  8. True or false; The American M60 was based off of the German MG34.
  9. Fill in the blank; The __________ semiautomatic pistol replaced the ___________ as Americas offical military sidearm in 1985.
  10. Fill in the blank(s); The Army uses the _______ assault rifle, while the Marine Corps uses the ____________ rifle.

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Quiz topic: What's my Gun IQ?