What's your fear?

Everyone has a fear, but you can't let fear rule your life. This quiz was made kindof in a rush, so I may have screwed up a couple of things so I apologize ahead of time.

So are you ready to find out for sure? These ideas are kindof broad so I wouldn't be surprised if you get something slightly different than you were expecting.

Created by: harryswife

  1. Hi there hotness! What's up? You're good? Well that's pretty awesome, anyways, lets start the quiz!!!
  2. If you had your eyes closed and you were listening to these things that I will describe in a moment, what would you think?: You can here the dribble of a liquid on the floor. You hear a soft breath nearby and suddenly you hear the click of the lock.
  3. If you came home, and you found blood on the table, the bacement was flooded and there was a mouse scurrying around under the table, what would you be most worried about?
  4. You can pick either, picking up the spider, flying on a hang glider, or swimming in the middle of the ocean, now which of these is the scariest?
  5. What seems most fun?
  6. If you saw a wounded animal on the side of the road, maybe a fox or a racoon or maybe even a young coyote, and they weren't seriously injured, what would you do?
  7. When you see a large spider or bug flying about the room, what do you do?
  8. If your cat or dog drags in a dead squirrle or mouse, what is your initial reaction?
  9. If your friend and yourself visited New York City and your friend forced you to climb to the top of the statue of liberty, how would you react?
  10. What is your fear?

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