What's Your Favorite Cartoon Character Say About You?

I've put together 10+ modern cartoons, to learn what your personality is. It's simple, just click your favorite character from each show, and figure out what they say about you!

Come on, you're dying to try! What is it that Danny, Gwen, Doyle, Lance, Ferb, or Rufus say about you! If you haven't watched the show, just click the bottom button (or second to bottom).

Created by: S
  1. I'm going to give you a cartoon, and you must click on your favorite cartoon character beneath... You ready?
  2. Secret Saturdays?
  3. Avatar the Last Airbender?
  4. Totally Spies?
  5. X-Men?
  6. Sym-bionic Titan:
  7. Ben 10/Ben 10: Alien Force
  8. Martin Mystery?
  9. TD_?
  10. Spongebob Squarepants?
  11. Phineas and Ferb?
  12. Kim Possible?
  13. The Weekenders?
  14. Danny Phantom?

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Quiz topic: What's my Favorite Cartoon Character Say About You?