What's Your Fashion Taste?

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"There are many who hate fashion and don't care if their shirt reaches to the floor and their pants are about to fall down. WHO CARES? they ask and that's just their personality."

"There are some people that enjoy dressing up every once and a while and on special occasions but not all the time most of the time they just find something they'd want people to see them in."

Created by: JesusChristLover

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  1. What would you wear on your head?
  2. What would you wear to the mall/park?
  3. What shoes do you wear when you go out to a very fancy restaurant?
  4. What color do you paint your nails?
  5. Do you wear jewlry?
  6. How much if any jewlry do you wear?
  7. Do you like going to the Mall?
  8. Do you own high heels?
  9. Do you wear fingernail/ toenail polish often?
  10. Do you carry around your purse everywhere (almost)

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Quiz topic: What's my Fashion Taste?