What's your clique? AWESOME results

Everyone is different, from our height to the type of shoes we wear. Some people are less individual then others. They try to fit in with a group of people by behaving like them. The group of people is called a clique. they have certain traits that distinguish them form other cliques, such as subcultures, music, clothes, hangouts etc.

Are you individual? How important is fitting in to your clique to you? Do you even have a clique, or do you have the freedom to hang out with whoever you want?

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  1. I only buy clothes that are "my style" such as: a gothic chick not buying a shirt that says hollister
  2. I only hang out with people in my clique
  3. People who clique jump or try to mix in with multiple cliques annoy me
  4. I listen to the same kind of music as people in 'my' clique
  5. It is safe to say a cheerleader is a prep or a skater is a punk
  6. Someone is a poser if they hang out with a clique, but don't use their style example: a kid hangs out with black people, but doesn't listen to rap or wear applebottom
  7. A kid is a poser if they try to mix with multiple cliques or change their style example: one day someone wears zoo york, the next AEO
  8. I dislike other cliques
  9. If someone has a different style than me, I would not date them.
  10. I would change my clique if it became un-stylish -or- i would buy something just becuase its trendy

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Quiz topic: What's my clique? AWESOME results