What's my Monster Name?

Whats ur monster name. Do u know it . Would u like to know it. Have u ever winderd what ur monster name was . Maybe you have but couldnt come up with a name

Well now u might get to know ur monster name. All u have to do is take this quize and it will tell you what ur mobster name will be. Who knows maybe you might like it

Created by: Toniqua
  1. What is your fav color
  2. Which do u prever doing
  3. If u had a crush/boyfriend what would his name be
  4. What is your lucky number
  5. What type ofonster would you be
  6. If you had a best friend what would her/his name be
  7. What is your fav food
  8. If you were monster how would you dress
  9. How would other monsters see you
  10. What would you do to your victims before you eat/kill/imprison them

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