What RPG Class Are You?

RPG Classes are hard to decide, this quiz should be the way to figuring out who you are! rate and comment please or i'll... burn a copy of *insert popular game here*

Are you who you believe you are deciding your class? try and get your true answer below! plz like i spent like... 30 minutes making this quiz, that's a lot of time i could be playing *insert popular game here*

Created by: papyrus

  1. What do you like fighting with?
  2. What level of defence do you prefer?
  3. What Level Of Speed Do You Prefer
  4. What Level Of Attack Do You Prefer
  5. Enough With The Levels Of, What's Your Battle Strategy?
  6. What is an enemy to you?
  7. What Would you use for your pet?
  8. Who do you work best with?
  9. what kind of range would you use?
  10. Did You Like This Quiz?

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Quiz topic: What RPG Class am I?