what religio to you must relate to.

this quiz is just for your intertainment, i dont want you converting to some relgion you dont even know anything about, (i am multie religous) and my discriptions may be a bit off, so please dont give me hate mail. maybe another time i will put more exotic religions if this one is succesful, because your religion was less-informed or exculded, i wanted to include sihk, jainism, and even neo-nazis. this is to see what religon you are most offilated with (to my.... unique standard) i know a lot about history, and i have read most of these relgious texts from these religions. which gives me good logic in deciding.

i hope you enjoy my little quiz, i would love comments if you think its atleastdecent, thx! i hoe to make another servay, with more religons, wont that be interesting! and include more questions and info, this is more of just an experiment.

Created by: jordan
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  1. do you beleie in many gods? or one all-powerful god?
  2. which place to you find to be the "holiest"? (India, samarkand, jeursolum, mecca, the wisconsin,
  3. do you worship iduels? (pictures, tricets, weathly posessicons, such as jewels, insense, animals, [dead or alive] at a cetian spot? fire or water?)
  4. have you read your relious text?
  5. do you belive in war, killing, exicution, torture?
  6. do you beleive in evolution, but still religous, and you have found a way to incorperate it with your religous beleifs?
  7. are you racist, sexist, nationalist?
  8. do read history? or perfer reading religous text?
  9. which do you perfer: meditation, beatng up kids , talking, playing with fire with fire, suicide bombing, doing your home work
  10. are you american, middle eastern, indian, jewish, african, or easter islander

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