What rebel squadron are you in.

Please note that grey squadron uses y wings, their main ships are b wings though. Remember that every starfighter is good in its own way. So there is no reason to be mad.

Remember A wings are interceptors, so there not meant to take a lot of hits so they are faster than the others, what the a wings lacks in durability it makes up with its small size.

Created by: Dax

  1. What is your favorite ship?
  2. What is your favorite color
  3. What is your favorite droid
  4. Rebels or Resistance
  5. Pick a movie
  6. Someone steals your ship, you
  7. Lightsaber or baster
  8. Pilot or bounty hunter
  9. Jedi or sith
  10. Speed or power

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Quiz topic: What rebel squadron am I in.