What real religion are you?

Cichlids share a single key trait: the fusion of the lower pharyngeal bones into a single tooth-bearing structure. A complex set of muscles allows the upper and lower pharyngeal bones to be used as a second set of jaws for processing food, allowing a division of labor between the "true jaws" (mandibles) and the "pharyngeal jaws". Cichlids are efficient and often highly specialized feeders that capture and process a very wide variety of food items.

Many cichlids, particularly tilapia, are important food fishes, while others are valued game fish (e.g. Cichla species). The family also includes many familiar aquarium fish, including the angelfish, oscars, and discus.[4][6] Cichlids have the largest number of endangered species among vertebrate families, most in the haplochromine group.[7] Cichlids are particularly well known for having evolved rapidly into a large number of closely related but morphologically diverse species within large lakes, particularly Tanganyika, Victoria, Malawi, and Edward.[8][9] Their diversity in the African Great Lakes is important for the study of speciation in evolution.[10] Many cichlids introduced into waters outside of their natural range have become nuisances, such as tilapia in the southern United Stat

Created by: Harromaster

  1. what is your beleived god
  2. we know you are actually church of relihgion but if you had to choose anoher what woudl it be
  3. would you consider yourself really really hot
  4. do you ever have thoughs of blowing up children with bombs for your religion
  5. do you have exceptionally good eye sight
  6. in stick of truth did you choose jew as your first type
  7. are you christian
  8. whats your favriuot food
  9. are you a christianty
  10. was harry the first person to kiss you in the last 5 years in context
  11. holyness
  12. has a priest ever touched you ever
  13. are you planing on going to heven with the holy mary
  14. do you where a mask
  15. peace
  16. if you see a sick person what do you do

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Quiz topic: What real religion am I?