What rank in the army would you be?

Are you a top ranked officer? Or a rookie pvt.? Are you tactical? are you stupid? Do you have what it takes to be big?! so how about u take this quiz, and see how u are doing in the army ranks? This is only ranks from Pvt. - Colonel.

If you are a big ranked officer, good for you! thats a huge load of work to do! :D If you are low ranked... well you do the huge load of dirty work! Dont take this serious and start a army career! im just saing this :P dont do this at home :D

Created by: Cosmin
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  1. Are you smart?
  2. Are you good at shooting games... shooting in real life... paintball... anithing that involves a shooting weapon.
  3. People around you... do they trust you?
  4. Do you like learning? or learn other people?
  5. If you start with something, do you work hard to reach your goal? or if it gets hard, yo give up..?
  6. If in a battle... are you going to flee if there is no more chance? or keep fighting?!
  7. If you young... you know chances of being a Colonel is small... but if you work hard, you know you might get to the top. Do you work togheter with other people to get to the goal? or do you work alone? REMEMBER! this is not a battle! this is only to get r
  8. Do you do research before doing a homework... or making a route before traveling somewhere?
  9. If joining the army... are you going to make a career of it? or quit when u got the chance?
  10. Do you think that with brute force u can win? or do u need tactics 2?

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