what pretty little liars character are you ?

What pretty little liars character are you. You may be aria spencer hannah or emily. Evry single one has a different personality. How well can you relate.

Are you aria alison hannah or emily or spencer. Take this quiz and you will find out. And now i am just writing stuff because thin thing need to be 150 letters long

Created by: luis david
  1. What sport do you do
  2. What is your style
  3. What is your favorite type of shoe
  4. What do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?
  5. Do you like telling the truth? Is it easy for you?
  6. What is yor favorite color?
  7. Would you ever get caught by the cops?
  8. What is your favorite name?
  9. How tall are you
  10. Do you prefer exercising or eating

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Quiz topic: What pretty little liars character am I ?