what popstar are you

what pop star will you be when you try the quiz there are six possible answers but hey i am not telling find out who you are most like in 12 questions

what pop star will you be thanks to my awesome quiz you will be able to find out with the snap of your fingers. just click and find out what pop star suits you best.

Created by: kat

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  1. you do what with your hair
  2. my favorite colors or color is ...
  3. what genera is your favorite
  4. your grandma makes you an avocado green sweater thats very itchy you don't want to be rude and tell her you hate it but if you don't tell her you hate she is going to make you wear it for the next 6 months .
  5. you see an alien spaceship what do you say
  6. your friend asks you what did you hey what did you get for your birthday , you know you got underpants what do you say?
  7. you sing about love
  8. you want to break up with someone how do you do it without being cruel.
  9. my hair color is...
  10. people say i am...

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