What Pony From Radway Stables Are You?

There are many ponies at radway, so i have chosen a few that i really like, though i think that all the ponies there are brill but these ones are particually special

So are you Solly, Beau or Ben or Toby. Maybe you might be sweetheart Holly. You may never find out, exept if you take this horse quiz. Warning involves so pony speak!

Created by: Beau

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like jumping
  2. Do you like Dressage
  3. Carrot or apple
  4. Do you like your stable
  5. Are you scared of cows?
  6. Are you a gymkhana pony
  7. Minty treats or polos
  8. Polo or cuddles
  9. Sunglasses or no sunglasses
  10. Horses leave hoof prints on your heart

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Quiz topic: What Pony From Radway Stables am I?