What Pony Finals rider are you?

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The quiz is about Pony finals! I really love ponies. They are the cutest little horses ever. This is the quiz for you if you love ponies too!! They are too cute

Pony finals is the best compilation ever. I went to it and I absolutely love it. It is just over 800 ponies competing. Like wayyy to cute too not love. So ya

Created by: Pony Lover
  1. What is your normal day riding
  2. What do you usually place at pony finals?
  3. Have you ever gotten champion
  4. Do you usually go first or last in your over fences round
  5. Do you support your friends?
  6. How many pony finals ribbons do you have?
  7. Do you do the Pony medal?
  8. is your pony a good modeler?
  9. jumpers or hunters
  10. Do you show at WEF

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Quiz topic: What Pony Finals rider am I?