What Pirates Of the Caribean on Stranger Tides are u?

This quiz was a little random. I made it cuz I was bored I hole you like it. It took me like 15 min so dont judge. I hope you enjoy this quiz. It is about my face movie.

If you enjoy quizzes you should enjoy this. Plus it would help if you like potc. I find the last movie very fun and it is my favorite I guess that's why I based this quiz of it.

Created by: Syrena
  1. Are you religious?
  2. Are you nice?
  3. What's your record for holding your breath?
  4. Are you strong?
  5. What do you look like?
  6. Fav movie?
  7. Fav quote?
  8. Damsels are...
  9. Srry I have to ask... Fav color
  10. Bye

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