What phobia do you have?

This quiz is supposed to help find out what kind of phobia do you have. This doesn't contain all of the phobias but just the commons few that are happening around the world.

Its also not supposed to offend anyone in any shape or form but instead, help them find out there inner/secret phobia and share it to the public! This is meant for fun and is not 100% accurate.

Created by: Pearl

  1. Which gives you the shivers?
  2. You're about to enter the doctor office for a flu shot, what's going through your mind?
  3. What are you thinking when hopping on a plane?
  4. Do you like Spiderman?
  5. You in a cabin and spot a snake, what's your first reaction?
  6. You're about to enter a dark tunnel whats going through your mind?
  7. Just cleaning up your all the sudden a sprider pops up, you...
  8. What would you do if I said all those questions don't matter?
  9. Do you understand the result may not be 100% accurate?
  10. Are you ready for the results?

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Quiz topic: What phobia do I have?