what pandora hearts character are you

This is a quizz to see what Pandora Hearts character you are out of some of the boys of the anime. If you don't like your result then cry me a river. Anyway I love this anime and just had to make a quizz out of it. The questions are stupid be warned

Could you be Oz? Break? Gil? Jack? I don't know but I bet you'll see, so take this quiz to find out :). Warning stupid questions, Darth Vader and no cupcakes. You were warned

Created by: flowerkitty

  1. If you could have a chain with anyone who would it be?
  2. What's your fave animal?
  3. Are you a creep?
  4. If a person you didn't know came up to you and starts blaming you for something you didn't do, what would you do?
  5. Someone tells you about them saving the world what do you say?
  6. La la la
  7. Who do you think you'll get?
  8. What's your fave colour? Deal with it!
  9. Rate or Comment?
  10. Last question did you like this quizz?

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Quiz topic: What pandora hearts character am I