what pal are you

thanks for doing this quiz you will find out what pal you are denis,corl,sketch,alex,sub, i love them all i watch the pals every day they make me glad

when im sad they make me happy go check them out right now and get the pals merch and watch sketch denis corl alex and sub do they all make you happy.

Created by: Elyse

  1. what pal do you subscride to
  2. what is your fav color
  3. what do you like most
  4. how much do you watch sketch
  5. how much do you watch alex
  6. how much do you watch denis
  7. how much you watch corl
  8. how much you watch sub
  9. who you love most
  10. how well do you know the pals

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Quiz topic: What pal am I