what nba player are you?

Have you ever wondered what nba player are you most like? Well thanks to Cameron Nickert you can finally find out. With the habits that you do, or the way you do things.

The stupid quiz maker is making me right this much but you dont have to read what im wrighting P.S.please do not quit in the middle of this quiz. I do that all the time and everybody gets mad. and i want you to know what nba player you are

Created by: cameron
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how many houses have you lived in
  2. what is your talent
  3. what do you think about your self
  4. I.k this has already been asked but how old are you
  5. how much do you fight with your brothers and sisters
  6. what cartoon is the best
  7. what is your fav color
  8. what is your favorate sport
  9. do you think everything should be fair
  10. are you strong

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Quiz topic: What nba player am I?