what kind of hockey player do your friends remind them of

You are taking a quiz to see witch player you are known as are you a leader of a team. What postion are you do you love the game. This will maybe help you realize i resmemble as a great hockey player and that will maybe help you play your best when you play the game.

If you love hockey this will help you realize what kind of player you really are and your friends wont have to decide for you, have yourself decide on what player you remind YOURSELF as. Dont let people make you mad and say a terrible hockey player let them say someone like a legend

Created by: DJ
  1. what position do you play
  2. are you the captain of your team, or the leader of defense
  3. what do you like the best passing shooting or blocking
  4. are you one of the best goalies in your league. best offender in your league.a legend in your league
  5. are you a lefty or a righty
  6. have you ever came out of a bad injury and came back and was still the best
  7. are you one of the leading scorers in your league
  8. do you love the game of hockey and will do anything to play the game
  9. what number do you like the best out of these
  10. do people know you as a new jersey devils player
  11. who do you like the best out of these three players

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Quiz topic: What kind of hockey player do my friends remind them of