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  • LAME!!!

    Whatevergirl Apr 1 '18, 7:03AM
  • Your Result: Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi, you keep your personal life separate from your interactions with your friends, only going so far as to say that you have a number of hobbies and dreams that are "none of anyone's business". You also state that you have nobody that is important to you. What is known of your personal life is that you spend much of your free time thinking of someone that once was important to you. You are very much a loner, but you are a very strong leader. You are very intelligent and never reckless.

    So true

    BlackandWhite Jan 1 '13, 5:26AM
  • Im weasel boy probaly because i picked torture a squirrel :/

    Yondaime4 Jul 4 '12, 1:42PM
  • Your Result: Sakura Haruno

    You are a very social person. People love to be around you. You often use a phrase like "CHA!" or "DUDE!". You have a crush on the hot popular kid. However the loser loves you. Eventually you realize that the loser is really a good guy. You begin to fall for him. As you get older you become really strong, both physically and mentally. You are really a good person.

    teddybears12 Jun 6 '12, 10:48PM
  • Kakashi? eh... guess so.

    Jblac33 Nov 21 '10, 6:00AM
  • im itachi hmp figures cant even guess right

    Troy Evick Jul 30 '10, 11:59AM
  • You were more than a loner, you were an outcast. Until you met someone that completely changed you. And then that all changed. You became more social, more pleasant to be around, and slightly less pessimistic. You still retain much of your old ways, such as being an outcast. But now you are less of a loner. You will be a very strong leader only to be killed by a bunch of assassins. shortly afterwards you will be brought back to life by an old lady.
    awesome! My favorite character!

    Narutofan447 Jul 7 '10, 2:39PM
  • i got sakura and im a dude

    Sam_Uchiha Sep 29 '09, 7:17PM
  • i got Sakura. yes!

    sakura882 Aug 1 '09, 5:49PM
  • XD! Itachi is dead isn't he...woah *dies* XD

    chibihime Jan 17 '09, 11:44AM
  • You are a loner and very powerful. You hate everyone, including your creepy fishy friend with a BIG sword. You love yourself, thus you like to draw pictures of yourself. Much like the real Itachi uses shadow clones. You are damaged either mentally or physically. You enjoy messing with people by using a weird look.

    ...XP this sounds alot like me XD

    ltlbabeangel Jan 17 '09, 10:18AM
  • sakura hakuno lol

    Kuki Jan 17 '09, 12:21AM

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