what naruto character are you

I love naruto and i know many people want to find out what charecter ther resemble. so one thing led to another and i made a naruto quiz. i will also take it. lol well its true, i love taking naruto quizzes. Well take the quiz amd see who you resemble you have nothing to lose except maybbe 5 minutes.

Well judging from your personlaity you can be jugded as a naruto character. Gender means nothing to this quiz because after all it is a personality quiz. thats what i think many people will like about it. Well there are 8 different choices so i think you may find this quiz interesting.

Created by: Peter
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You would risk your life to save your friends.
  2. you seek revenge and power is the only way you can get it
  3. you are an underdog.
  4. you like someone alot
  5. you are smart and patient
  6. you would throw away all your friends if it meant you can have more power.
  7. you would kill to protect someone
  9. what ninja level would u like to be
  10. what is your hobbie

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Quiz topic: What naruto character am I