What mystical power do you posses

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um do you posses a magical power have you ever wondered just looking for something to practice i hope tAT you like this quiz so im just going to do jibberish in the next paregraph DONT PUT COMMENTS LIKE THIS QUIZ SUCKED CUZ I PUT WORK INTO THIS QUIZ

thank you turn around ding song dog cst cheese bob jackhammer cruise champane chillies lizzrd basket ball vikings super base ball valentines foliage drew niquil mirror light

Created by: Raven11
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. i have to ask what is your favorite color out of these
  2. how would oyur friends describe you
  3. are you smart
  4. how many friends do you allow yourself
  5. what do you like to dooodle
  6. pick a book
  7. pick a word
  8. your in a bank and all of a sudden thirty guys come in and surround you then they pull out guns an dsay that you are very dangerous an need you for testing
  9. i cant come up
  10. um did you like it

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Quiz topic: What mystical power do I posses