What My Little Pony are you?

There are many girls who think they are Applejack or Rarity but if you really want to know come take my quiz! I was bored so I made it. It is quite good.

Is your mind ready for what you get. I really thought I was like Applejack but I am like Pinkie Pie. You should really see if you are right. Go you!

Created by: Jordan30

  1. Do you like fast and daring things?
  2. Do you read books lots?
  3. Favorite color?
  4. Second favorite color?
  5. What animal
  6. What activity?
  7. What food?
  8. Competition?
  9. Town?
  10. Shop?
  11. Rate? And Comment?

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Quiz topic: What My Little Pony am I?