how well do you know My Little Pony?

My Little Pony is a TV show about cartoon horses. The current series is called "Friendship is Magic", but that is just the fourth generation. My Little Pony first aired in 1984.

How well are you familiar with My Little Pony? Are you able to correctly answer questions from previous generations, or are you only focused on Friendship is Magic?

Created by: MattNB
  1. What company owns My Little Pony?
  2. Who was the first villain to make an appearance?
  3. Who is the human girl with the Rainbow of Light?
  4. Who was the original creator of My Little Pony?
  5. What are the names of the three witches from the Volcano of Gloom?
  6. Who is the leader of the Flutter ponies?
  7. What is the name of the new home that the Moochick gave the ponies?
  8. What did Baby Lickety Split do to cause a drought in Pony Land?
  9. What was Crunch the Rockdog's main ability?
  10. In "Rescue From Midnight Castle," Who finds Megan and convinces her to save the ponies?
  11. Who is the lead singer of The Rockin' Beats?
  12. What is Teddy's secret?
  13. What was Bon Bon's reaction of her brother getting sick?
  14. Who sings the song "In the Forest?"
  15. What does Starlight want to do when she grows up?
  16. who does the voice for Patch?
  17. What is Applejack's mane color in generation 3?
  18. Why was planning Kimono's birthday difficult?
  19. What is Sparklework's cutie mark?
  20. Which description matches Generation 3 Rainbow Dash?
  21. Where did Twilight Sparkle live for the majority of the time from season 1 to season 4?
  22. What is Rarity's element of harmony?
  23. Where did Pinkie Pie live before getting her cutie mark?
  24. Who are the Cutie Mark Crusaders?
  25. Who has the job of raising the sun?
  26. Who represents the element of loyalty?
  27. What happened to Nightmare Moon after the Mane Six defeated her?
  28. Who did Rainbow Dash find after unmasking the Mysterious Mare Do Well?
  29. What beast did Twilight Sparkle defeat in Boast Busters?
  30. How did Twilight become a princess?
  31. How are Rarity and Sweetie Belle related?
  32. Who is the leader of the Wonderbolts?
  33. Who were on the Ponyville Relay Team?
  34. Who does the voice for Pinkie Pie?
  35. How is Discord reformed?
  36. Who is Princess Celestia's love interest?
  37. What kind of pet did Rainbow Dash get?
  38. What are the Rainbow Powers?
  39. Why did Applejack cause a lot of problems in Apple Buck season?
  40. Who gives Twilight Sparkle her key?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know My Little Pony?