How big of a pegasister are you?

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Are you a fan of the show; My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic? Yes? Well then take this quiz and find out how big of a pegasister you truly are. Have fun!

Some of the questions may involve specific episodes and names, so don't let those questions catch you off-guard! This quiz involves extremely tricky questions, including when background ponies have lines, so be prepared for the ULTIMATE pegsister quiz!

Created by: 5000crasher

  1. Who are the mane six?
  2. Who damages town hall in "The Last Roundup"?
  3. Name three background ponies.
  4. Who expresses to be the main character in the show?
  5. Name the three kinds of ponies in Equestria.
  6. In which episode is Derpy Hooves given a line?
  7. Who are the three main characters in "Look Before you Sleep"?
  8. In "Friendship is magic", which is the sixth (or missing) element of harmony?
  9. What is the name of Pinkie Pie's pet alligator?
  10. Who is Twilight Sparkle's BBBFF?
  11. Will there be a season 4?

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Quiz topic: How big of a pegasister am I?