what movie character are you?

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this is my first quiz so i am sorry if it doesn't turn out the best! but good luck. when you get your answers please let me know because i would love to here your answers and your results!

this quiz will take your traits all into someone famous letting you know you will not see any singers or models as this is a famous actor quiz. GOOD LUCK!

Created by: Isabella

  1. which do you most prefer?
  2. what makes you best?
  3. what is your favourite colour?
  4. who is your favourite actor?
  5. which of these three suits you most?
  6. what hair colour do you have?
  7. tell me what is your first name? NO NOT YOUR LAST NAME OR YOUR MIDDLE NAME! (if you don't feel comfortable answering this just tell us your favourite name!)
  8. who is your favourite movie actor?
  9. what is your favourite sport?
  10. what is your favourite song?

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Quiz topic: What movie character am I?