What monster high ghoul are you?

Oh my ghoul!!Monster high has so many cool ghouls but which ghoul are you most like?Monster high ghouls are freaky fabulously stylish and love to hang with each other and their boyfriends

Which ghoul are you?!Do you have the style,and awesomeness to be a ghoul at monster high?Since then you've had to wonder...But now you can know what ghoul you are most like.Thanks to this fangtastic quiz,you can know after just a few questions!

Created by: julianna
  1. What is your fav color combo?
  2. who is your boyfriend
  3. How old are you
  4. which pet
  5. describe yourself
  6. If ur bff is down,what will you do to bring her up?
  7. what club/team
  8. what type of person fashionista are you
  9. what type of person fashionista are you
  10. what do you think about this quiz

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Quiz topic: What monster high ghoul am I?