What Monk Character are you?

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Who are you from monk? you might be the organized detective. The outstanding nurse. the cop with the horrible theories. if you want to know click on this quiz.

So you want to know what character you are from monk well just fill out all these questions and you will know who you are supposed to be in monk the awesome TV series

Created by: sean
  1. Do you like cleaning
  2. What is you're theory on this (a lawyer was angry at someone though that someone killed the lawyer)
  3. You get a new apartment what do you want it to be
  4. What job do you want or have
  5. Do you want to be a cop
  6. are you tough and strong
  7. Are you scared of germs
  8. Who do you want to be
  9. How do you feel of technology
  10. did yo like this quiz
  11. are you in favor of guns

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Quiz topic: What Monk Character am I?