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"There are many people who are not geniuses. Adrian Monk is the best and brightest detective in the world. He scores perfectly on every intelligence test."

"Mr. Monk is wondering how many people out there are smart enough to possible be a true fan of his work. He is willing to even be a friend if your score on this quiz is exceptional. Besides, he is looking for someone to volunteer their time when I, Natalie take a vacation...sometime."

Created by: Steve

  1. Who created the T.V. show Monk?
  2. Monk premiered on July 12th of what year?
  3. Which of the following actors was not considered to play the role of Adrian Monk?
  4. What is number one on Monk's list of phobias or fears?
  5. What actress played Natalie's daughter?
  6. In the original write up of the pilot "Mr. Monk Meets The Candidate" Jason Gray-Stanford's character was only a minor role. What was Lt. Randy's original last name, until Breckman changed it to Disher?
  7. Dr. Charles Kroger, Adrian Monk's first psychiatrist on the show used to love listening to what classical composer?
  8. Where was the pilot "Mr. Monk Meets The Candidate" actually filmed?
  9. What street does Monk live on?
  10. Who played the "psychic" in "Mr. Monk and The Psychic?"
  11. In "Mr. Monk and the Red-Headed Stranger,who played the "Red-Headed Stranger?"
  12. What actor originally portrayed "Dale the Whale?"
  13. Who of the following was not a writer for the "Monk" series?
  14. In what Monk episode did comedian/actor Kevin Nealon guest star?
  15. What is Sharona afraid of?
  16. How many seasons are there of "Monk?"
  17. What guest star portrayed Trudy Monk's killer in "Mr. Monk and the End?"
  18. Who wrote the music for every Monk episode?
  19. In what city were all the Monk episodes filmed in except the pilot episode during Season 1?
  20. What is Tony Shalhoub's favorite NFL team?

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