What MLP pony are you?

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There are lots of different kinds of people in this world. There are also lots of kinds of ponies in Equestria.

What kind of person are you? What element of harmony do YOU have? What pony are you most like? In this 13 question quiz~ I guess you'll have to take it and see!

Created by: Jasa Long
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you think describes you? (Don't pick your favorite. Just pick one that you think describes you.)
  2. What is your favorite food?
  3. What's your favorite color?
  4. What month were you born in?
  5. What is your favorite past time? (Hobby?)
  6. What color would you love your eyes to be?
  7. What is your dream pet?
  8. Are you social?
  9. Do you like to make friends?
  10. What color is your hair?
  11. What kind of hair do you have?

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Quiz topic: What MLP pony am I?