How much do you REALLY know about My Little Pony?

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Many bronies and pegasisters think they know practically everything there is to know about the My Little Pony franchise, but how much do they really know?

Test your knowledge on the past generations of My Little Pony with this quiz! Then we'll see who really knows everything there is to know about everyone's favorite pastel-colored ponies...

Created by: Eredin Revail
  1. Starting off easy, which year did the Generation 4 cartoon for My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic, first air?
  2. Which year did My Little Pony itself come into existence?
  3. Which year did G2 *...shudders* become a thing?
  4. How about G3?
  5. How many ponies were in the main cast during G3.5?
  6. Were Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash in G3?
  7. When did Equestria become the country Ponyville was located in?
  8. Back in G3, who was the wisest pony in all of Ponyville?
  9. Who was known for being very clumsy?
  10. Which generation did Spike the Dragon first appear?
  11. Toola-Roola was a(n)...
  12. Fluttershy's original G1 character was...
  13. Pinkie Pie's G1 character was...?
  14. When did cutie marks actually become meaningful?
  15. What were the little G3 fairy ponies called?
  16. Who was the baker of Ponyville in late G3/G3.5?
  17. Who were the original bakers of Ponyville?
  18. Cheerilee was originally a...
  19. Which of these G3.5 ponies were sisters?
  20. RANDOM QUESTION! What is "My Little Pony" in French?!

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Quiz topic: How much do I REALLY know about My Little Pony?