What MLB Pitcher are you?

Find Out Which Pitcher You would be. Tske my Quiz and figure it out. be honest when you are answering the questions.Dont give up on this quiz. Ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you one of the greats? find out by taking the test. Take on the challenge and figure it all out. tell your friends about our quiz and figure it all out!!!!

Created by: mitchell
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How do you Pitch?
  2. What kind of jersey would you wear?
  3. If You Couldn't Be a Pitcher What would you be?
  4. What Kind Of Person Are You?
  5. Who is your baseball idol?
  6. Who is Your Favorite team?
  7. Which Team Has The Best Uniforms?
  8. Which Team Has The Nicest Stadium?
  9. What Is Your Favorite Food
  10. If you could be on a nfl team what team would you be on

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Quiz topic: What MLB Pitcher am I?