What mental disorder do you have?

This quiz will tell you what mental disorder on here you are mostly likely to have or might have. It is only a quiz. Don't take it too seriously. Please don't complain.

Did you like my quiz? Did you like my result? If not please don't flip out on me. If so you can tell people,about your excitement. This is an accurate,quiz.

Created by: sweetheart945
  1. Do you get worried over little things?
  2. Do you experience e Hallucinations?
  3. Do you experience delusions?
  4. Do you feel as people are out to get you.
  5. Do you worry that people say bad things about you?
  6. Do you only like certain colors or certain numbers?
  7. Do you feel like you can't trust anybody?
  8. Do you believe that you have magical powers or special abilities no one else has?
  9. Do you have any specific fears?
  10. Do you perform rituals to get rid of any anxiety?
  11. Do you count when doing certain tasks?
  12. Are there any things you feel like you absolutely need to avoid?
  13. Do you feel so tired some days that you cannot even get out of bed?
  14. Do you attempt self harm?
  15. Do you feel so sad some days you feel better off not living?

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Quiz topic: What mental disorder do I have?