What Memphis Grizzlie r u?

This quiz is for basketball fans and for true Grizzlie fans.So you can see what player you would be as a Memphis Grizzlie.You can be a lot of different players. So try it out.You could be very skilled at basketball but if not thats ok too.

Do you have the skills to be a Memphis Grizzlie?Well you can findout if u take this quiz.It will just take a few minues.So see what Grizzlie you are.So take this quiz and i hope you enjoy it and tell your friend to come and try it out.

Created by: fresh

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How good is your jumpshot.
  2. What number r u
  3. How good is your jumpshot
  4. What is your role.
  5. where did u play ball
  6. where did u play before memphis
  7. how tall r u?
  8. How often do u get to the free throw line.
  9. Whats your main thing.
  10. what are u

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