What member of 5SOS are you?

5SOS is a punk-rock band that was introduced to alot of fans by One Direction, they are all very young guys, the oldest of them being 20, and the youngest having just turned 18.

Would you like to know which of the band members you are? No matter what, you will be a part of a great band and be one of the hot members, as all of them are hot in my dictionary.

Created by: Eleanor

  1. How organized are you?
  2. Do you constantly break things?
  3. Would you walk around in your underwear?
  4. On a scale of 1-10, how mature are you 1 being immature, and 10 being mature?
  5. Which member would you prefer to be?
  6. Do you wear bandannas?
  7. What is you favorite 5SOS song?
  8. What is the longest you would camp out for a 5SOS concert?
  9. Do you even like 5SOS? -.-
  10. Was this quiz boring?
  11. And last question, would you rather play guitar or drums?

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Quiz topic: What member of 5SOS am I?