How well do YOU know 5sos?

You know One Direction and Rihanna but are familiar with the new aussie Punk Rock/Pop band 5 Seconds of Summer? I am a huge 5sos fangirl and I know tons about them and memorized almost all of their songs. and yes I am listening to them as I write this.

But enough about me! What about you? are you a 5sos fangirl or do you let the music do all of the talking? Take this quiz to find out! ( it will get tricky)

Created by: Mrs. Hood

  1. Who are the members of 5sos?
  2. Now it gets tricky. What is Calum's middle name?
  3. Who writes the most songs in the group?
  4. Who is the youngest in the band?
  5. Who was the member that founded 5sos?
  6. Who is the drummer?
  7. Who is the bassist?
  8. When did the founder first post a video?
  9. Which one of the boys is a penguin that would chose pizza over donuts?
  10. Which is the only member that has no brothers or sisters?
  11. Who likes to have chocolate milk parties?
  12. Who originally hated 5sos?
  13. Who originally hated "She Looks So Perfect"?
  14. Who is the biggest fangirl of 5sos?
  15. When is Calum's birthday?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know 5sos?