What Maximum Ride character are you most similar to?

Maximum Ride is an awesome book series about some kids on the run trying to save the world, (and each other), from an evil corporation. Each of the kids can fly, and have a special ability other than that. For instance, Angel, the youngest girl, can read minds. These kids are called "the flock".

Which member of the flock are you most similar to? Are you a leader, like Max, or a dog, like Total? This quiz's humor and craziness can really affect your character, so choose carefully!

Created by: Somebody anonymous
  1. Your dream vacation?
  2. If u could have any power (besides flying) what would you have?
  3. Fave animal?
  4. Team?
  5. Are u ok with the rest of this being REALLY random???
  6. Someone screams. How do u respond?
  7. Hi
  8. Are you stalking me?
  9. Am I annoying you?
  10. One last question: are u an actual flock member with wings and everything?

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Quiz topic: What Maximum Ride character am I most similar to?