What marshmallow man are you

On my channel we have 6 people in the marshmallow men TrapGaming, Kingclash101, Awesomemanjerry, JomaGaming, Omar the soccer gamer, and babycakez2207.

Have you ever wondered which one of them you are most like well in a few minutes you will find out Hope you enjoy the super awesome WHICH MARSHMALLOW MAN ARE YOU QUIZ

Created by: Jerry

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favorite food
  2. What is your favorite sport
  3. What is your favorite game
  4. What is your favorite animal
  5. What is your favorite FNAF animatronic
  6. What best discribes you
  7. What is your hobby
  8. What is your favorite animal
  9. What is your Catch Phrase
  10. a rage game and you die for the hundredth time what do you do
  11. what is your favorite thing to do in minecraft
  12. LAST QUESTION Who likes minecraf

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Quiz topic: What marshmallow man am I