What Marauders Era Character are you?

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Hello!!Thanks for coming here :)This quiz will show you what marauders era character are you.btw sorry for spelling mistakes english is not my first launguage

And this is my first quiz btw.Soo basically i am going to ask you questions and you need to answer them honestly. At the end you will get you results :)

Created by: Enna
  1. First of all whats your hogwarts house?
  2. What grades do you usually get at school?
  3. What type of friend are you?
  4. Which one of these do you resemble the most
  5. Are you a day or night person?
  6. What do people see you as?
  7. What is your gender?
  8. Are you brave?
  9. Which character do you hate the most
  10. Bruh girl/boy or soft girl/boy
  11. Did you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Marauders Era Character am I?