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  • Your Result: You are Konata Izumi !

    You like video games and fun stuff like animes.You can do anything to skip school.You hate studying and doing homework, but you like your friends, especially the ones that likes video games and that sort of stuff.Besides, you have really strong emotions that you can not show to other people.Do not worry, the day will come, just wait.

  • Ha Ha! I can be any character I wanna be! I would rather be Konata tho. I just luv anime/manga and mmorpgs!

    Anime Otaku
  • oh i got Konata. No kidding I took two oter quiz and got the same thing. do love video games and anime and manga. i hate homework..

  • Konataaaa :) :3 yayyyy i had i feeling i'd get that

  • WOW... i didn't noe that the result answer was 'Miyuki Takara'?


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