What Lord Of the Rings Species Are You?

Are you a big Lord of the Rings fan? Do you want to find out what species you are? Look no further! This is the quiz for you! The results are 100% accurate and explain in full detail the attributes of your species. The quiz is fun, exciting, and easy!

Are YOU what you think you are? Are you some hero destined to save middle earth? Or a nasty villain ready to take that hero down? It all starts here... Get ready, and remember, "I see you... You cannot hide..."

Created by: Ryder Dash

  1. You are recognized by your.
  2. You come home from adventuring. You.
  3. You would rather live.
  4. Lets let fate decide.
  5. Are you evil or good?
  6. What will you wear?
  7. Preferred color out of these.
  8. Means of travel.
  9. Do you make break or follow the rules?
  10. Ready for the results?

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Quiz topic: What Lord Of the Rings Species am I?