What lives in the night

Ok so my first story was a little bad so I re did it and know it came out pretty good I am sorry for the miss spelling and all I have a hole in my pointer finger from a thorn getting stuck in it.

I hope you will like it. It is my first story thing on here so ya

Created by: shadow wolf 195

  1. Shade P..O..V I just got home scared to death hoping my mom was asleep. just my luck my mom was talking to my dad. I could barley here what they were saying but I could still make out the words. "Should we tell her she is so close to the age where she will change." My dad had a worried tone "No I think we should leave it to Damian and the others to tell her" "Yes I know but then she will be mad and leave to go live with them her best friend is one." I sate there with the door in my hands trying to think what they meant. THUNK the door slipped from my hands. My mom turned with incredible speed so fast I had no time to duck and cover. She looked so mad and all she did was point to the my room. I ran up stares as fast as I could.
  2. I wok up I don't remember when I fell asleep. I gat dressed in some ripped jeans and a shirt that was all black. Brushed my hair looking at my blonde hair with red highlights My blue eyes looking back at me threw the merrier. I ran down stares had some breakfast and was out the door with my back pack I got to Serena's house for her older brother Cole to drive us to school. Cole has black hair and brown eyes he is seventeen two years older then me and Serena. We got to school twenty minutes early. I me and Serena went to go play in the field Serena has blonde hair with blue highlights in it and she has bright green eyes. We are best friends been neighbors for life.
  3. Me and Serena had decided to skip school we were both getting huge migraines. The thing that freaked me out about the migraine was that Serena was smiling the hole time. We decided to go into the woods behind the school when we got there I saw five boy including Cole by a rock. I pulled Serena down to spy on them. After about three minutes three girls came and sat around the rock they were talking about there being two new arrivals soon "We have to get ready one of the girls that are coming in don't know who she really is and she is a little different then we are" All of the people nodded.
  4. Serena was leaning on a rock and slipped making a loud noise. All of the people turned toward us and were coming. I had no clue what to do when I herd a person say behind me "Are you looking for something" I looked up and there was a boy at least five foot eight with blonde heir that fell into his eyes, his eyes are a icy blue that could send a chill down your back. He was nicely built if I do say so myself. He put his hand out to help me up I took it. We all went to sit on the rock when a guy named Damian came and said "these are the girls I was talking about" I was shocked what am I what have my parents been keeping from me. All these thoughts were running threw my head.
  5. I Damian introduced the rest of the people "Well Shade welcome to the pack you already met Stanton Here is Atticus, Cole well you already know him and Bryan. The girls we have the twins Iris and Isis and here is Ava" Atticus had brown hair and blue eyes he is firmly built Bryan had a verity of colors in his hair but mostly black. Isis had black hair and green eyes her sister Iris had brown hair and purple eyes Ava had long jet black hair with really dark brown eyes.
  6. I was talking to Damian he was telling me "This is basically like a group of jocks hanging out but we are allowed to skip school are parents let us." I laughed "My parents would never let me skip school as soon as it is dark they wont me in my room" "maybe they are trying to protect you from something" I changed the subject "So what did you mean when you said I was the new member of the group and I was different" "You will find out when the time comes."
  7. We were talking for a while when me and Serena got hungry we went to the taco truck to get some food. We got there right before the lunch rush. I got the new paper and saw the front cover that made me gag on my taco there was a murder three minutes away from where I live. Serena was freaking out "Shade they wont tell us what caused the death it could have been anything." Serena it was probably just some wolf we have those you know" " I know but it was two minutes after we got home."
  8. Serena's P..O.V I new what happened to the boy's that died I just couldn't say it was killing me that I had to keep this secrete from Shade I needed to tell her tonight I will ask her parents I hope they say yes.
  9. rate and comment please
  10. This was my first story I hoped you liked it.

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