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  • What "Life is Strange" character are you?
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    What "Life is Strange" character are you?
    Your Result: Max 91%

    You got Max, the main character of Life is Strange. Max is empathetic, artistic, and puts other's needs above her own. Her intuition and quick-thinking has gotten her out of many tricky situations. "I feel bad for the twee hipster who lost his baret. I bet he's cute."

    84% Kate
    72% David
    71% Victoria
    65% Warren
    64% Chloe
    62% Nathan
    0% Jefferson

  • What "Life is Strange" character are you?
    Your Result: Victoria 86%

    You got Victoria, a wealthy, popular student at Blackwell.She is very self confident, fashionable, and artistic. However, she can also be quite self-indulged and rude to others. She also is a member of the Vortex Club, and goes to many of there parties, which shows how much of a party animal she is.

    80% Chloe
    66% Nathan
    66% Kate
    62% David
    60% Warren
    36% Max
    0% Jefferson

    I was thinking I would get Taylor but there is no Taylor on this quiz....

  • What the heck what is Nathan 66% im nothing like him

    Anyway good quiz
    (I forgot to add that in last post)

    • Your Result: Chloe 77%

      You got Chloe, Max's trusted sidekick and best friend. With her troubled past, she can be very rebellious, selfish and angry. However, she cares deeply for the few friends she has, and would do anything for them. She is very carefree and is almost the complete opposite of Max. NO EMOJI.

      69% Nathan
      59% Victoria
      51% Max
      49% David
      20% Kate
      16% Warren
      0% Jefferson


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