what lego movie two person am i?

have yo ever wondered who your best friend from lego movie two would be? well heres your chance to find out who WOULD be your bestie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

do you like waffles yes i like waffles do you like pankakes yes i like pankakes do you like french toast yes i like french toast !!!!!!!!!!!!:) :) :) :)

Created by: wildnightcat

  1. my friends discribe me as
  2. prt 1 who you want to end up as...also look on the next question its prt 2 of this one.
  3. prt 2 of who you want to end up as...
  4. fave colour
  5. fave marvel hero
  6. whats your age
  7. gender
  8. heads or tails
  9. moon or stars
  10. what power do you want

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