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Lego friends is a series from Lego is about five young girls who are best friends.They have many hobbies and they are very cheerful and helpful.

The five girls go to school.They actively take part in adventures.They enjoy sports and muscic.Make sure you watch the website to see the episodes and post your comments

Created by: maria

  1. who is Olivia's aunt?
  2. who is Stephanie's mother ?
  3. what is the animal Stephanie is afraid of ?
  4. who is Stephanie's enemy?
  5. what is the name of Andrea's family's hotel?
  6. who is mia's puppy?
  7. what is the name of the first episode in season 3?
  8. what are the three networks for the show?
  9. whaht is emma's traddion in new year?
  10. what is the seventeen episode of friends of heartlake city?
  11. what is Stephanie's talent?
  12. How many movies are there in the series?
  13. what is the theme song for girls 4 life?
  14. How many episodes are there in the season 2 of the websites?
  15. How many types of episodes are there in the season 3 of the website?
  16. what is the name of henrie and sophie's baby?
  17. what is the music band for the series?
  18. which island do they go in season 2 episode 8?
  19. Who is Olivia's cousin?
  20. Who is Stephanie's elder sister?
  21. What does Stephanie's elder brother do?

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