What legendary dog are you?

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You wonder which of the legendary dogs you are? You wonder who your most like? On a mission of self-discovery? Then take this quiz! You will find out many things about yourself along this journey!

Do you think you have the power of Entei? The thunder of Raikou? The gracefulness of Suicune? Take about two to five minutes to do this. Try it with your friends!

Created by: Suicune

  1. In war, where would people find you?
  2. Someone is beating up your friend! What do you do?
  3. It's a record-breaking hot day. Where would someone find you?
  4. Ok stupid question time! What type of pie do you like most
  5. Which Pokemon do you like the LEAST!
  6. The most asked question. What is your favorite color scheme?
  7. Night or day?
  8. What social class are you in school?
  9. You find out you are a wizard and can choose one type of magic. What type of magic user would you be?
  10. Did you enjoy is quiz?

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Quiz topic: What legendary dog am I?